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About Us

Haven is a leading-edge digital communications super platform that offers users advanced data security and privacy protections for a range of services. Never before has one platform offered Haven’s wide range of capabilities including video calling, advanced chat, file sharing, scheduling and databasing at a low price while guaranteeing that your data is always private.


Haven’s scalable product line and flexible pricing can serve as a replacement or compliment for multiple applications, subscriptions and programs. Easy to use and add capabilities, the Haven platform never requires updating or downloading new software.  


Protecting your information online is the greatest security challenge of our time. It is essential to a free society and encouraging innovation. At Haven, our family of products is designed to give individuals and businesses the peace of mind that comes from being who they are and doing what they do online. Unlike other platforms, with Haven, your data is always yours. That’s why using Haven means you can be free to be you.


Haven is a veteran-owned equal opportunity employer.

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